Improve your mobile video experience with our new iStabilizer range!


Do your smartphone videos suffer from perpetual shakiness and blurred shots? Do you wish you could capture smoother shots? If so, we have the solution! Our new iStabilizer products can help you capture the important moments with superb clarity, so you never have to view a shaky video again! Have a look at the new range: iStabilizer Dolly

Capture cinematic footage with the iStabilizer

Capture cinematic footage with the iStabilizer Dolly

The iStabilizer Dolly allows you to capture smooth panning shots with your iPhone or GoPro on any flat surface. Once limited to professionals, now anyone can produce high-quality running shots with their mobile device without breaking the bank. An included iStabilizer mount secures your iPhone in place while in use.   If you have a larger smartphone or a tablet device and wish to mount it onto the Dolly or any other tripod, we have the answer for you! iStabilizer Mount XL iSTBLZR-MNTXL-O_IMG01_1000 If you have a wide smartphone, such as a Galaxy Note, then this mount is for you! The larger mount means that your phone will fit perfectly, no matter what the size! You can see more information and purchase this product here. iStabilizer Monopod

Capture versatile photo and video with the iStabilizer Monopod!

Capture versatile photo and video with the iStabilizer Monopod!

Whether you want to take panoramic videos of your surroundings or just want to take cooler selfies, this extendable monopod is for you! It mounts virtually any smartphone or digital camera, giving you both compatability and practicality. You can purchase this amazing product here. iStabilizer tabFlex

The iStabilizer Tabflex easily attaches to almost any surface

The iStabilizer Tabflex easily attaches to almost any surface!

This universal tripod connects your tablet to a huge number of objects with ease – including poles, branches and desks. This brilliant product is perfect for those interested in tablet photography and videography, and consummately affixes your tablet to almost anything. The Tabflex is compatible with virtually any tablet. You can find more information and purchase this item here.   For all of these products and many more, please visit us at Soundzdirect!


We Think You’ll Like Joby’s New GorillaCam App



Greetings Everyone!

We’ve just been checking out the new GorillaCam App from Joby. This handy little camera app helps you make the most of your camera. GorillaCam is the easiest stop motion video app out there. Simply set your Capture Time and Playback Time, then press the shutter to capture each frame of your animation. When you’re finished, GorillaCam will stitch the photos into a timelapse video. Pretty cool eh?

Make the most of your iPhone camera, by using the GorillaCam self-timer and rapid-fire burst modes. Also featuring anti-shake for crisp shots and ‘tap anywhere’ for easy shooting.

Available in free and paid versions, this app helps you to take perfectly level shots each time with its bubble level and grid overlay features. With all of these and more, you’ll be like a professional photographer or videographer in no time! Check it out at the App Store and see our range of Joby products to go with the app too.


Joby Griptight for iPhone