Spotlight on iPhone 6 cases: Gumdrop VS Urban Armor Gear


With so many different brands and designs to choose from, finding the perfect case for your iPhone can quickly become a time consuming exercise. Not only do you want something that looks good, but more often than not, you want to be confident that the case you choose will offer your phone substantial protection against bumps and scratches. To help you out, we’ve done a product comparison with two of our most popular types of iPhone 6 cases so that you can determine which case is right for you!

Gumdrop DropTech Case- iPhone 6


Designed for iPhone 6

Easy access to ports

Multi-layered protection

Integrated screen shield to protect against moisture and scratches

Heavyweight design

TPU skin which absorbs vibrations and shocks

Multi position belt clip with integrated stand included.

    Price: €56.99

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Composite Case- Scout Black


Designed for iPhone 6

Easy access to ports

One layer of protection

Comes with HD screen protector guard

Lightweight design

Shock and scratch resistant

Does not include belt clip or integrated stand


Both the UAG case and the Gumdrop case offer good quality protection for the iPhone 6. While the Gumdrop case is arguably the stronger and more durable of the two, it is also considerably more expensive than the UAG case. Ultimately, choice will come down to two things: which design you prefer and how much money you are willing to spend.

Each of these cases and lots more are available now on our website


Become a master pastry chef with Perfect Bake



We’ve all watched those cookery shows on the television and said to ourselves “red velvet cake? I could make that!” So you lay all of your ingredients out, you follow the recipe carefully, but for some reason the cake doesn’t turn out like you anticipated. Maybe your weighing scales were a bit off, or perhaps you forgot to add an ingredient? When you’re not a confident baker, it’s easy to make a mistake. With Perfect Bake, you no longer have to worry about missed steps or hard-to-follow recipes.

Perfect Bake is a smart scale that weighs each ingredient for accuracy and uses built in timers to alert you when you’re done mixing, baking, or cooling. The Perfect Bake kit includes a digital food scale, three colour coded bowls, one oven thermometer and a stand for your tablet or phone.

One of the great things about Perfect Bake is that there’s no need to measure anything. Just pour in your ingredients and the virtual bowl will tell you when to stop.


Perfect Bake also scales your recipes to suit your needs. Decided that you want to make a larger quantity of cookies? Haven’t got the right sized pan for your lemon tart? Or maybe you don’t have enough flour for your scones? No problem! Perfect Bake does the maths for you by readjusting the recipe accordingly!

The free downloadable app comes pre-loaded with hundreds of delicious and tasty recipes for you to try out, including a range of gluten-free and vegan options! And if you manage to bake your way through the entire recipe database, Perfect Bake lets you edit existing recipes, as well as add new ones, allowing you to create your own customised recipe index.

The app also includes a pantry feature. This is a virtual inventory of all of the ingredients that you currently have in your home. The app uses this inventory to tell you exactly what recipes you can make without having to go shopping. Pretty handy, eh?

Once you’re ready to start baking, the app will tell you which coloured bowl to use for each step. And if you’re worried that you haven’t done enough mixing or baked your cake for long enough? Perfect Bake doesn’t just have one timer, it has three timers. There’s one for mixing, one for baking, and one for cooling so your guaranteed perfect results every time!

Perfect Bake is priced at €64.99 and is available directly from our website.

Type easy on your iPad with an external keyboard!


GRFN-TRNFLO-IPA-BLK-O_img3Due to its convenient size and ease of use, more and more people are making the decision to ditch their laptops in favour of the iPad. Why? Well because iPads can do almost  everything that a laptop can do, with the added advantage that they can easily be carried around in your handbag or briefcase.

But if there’s only thing that the iPad is missing, it’s a solid keyboard. Sure, touchscreen is great but after a while it gets tiring on your fingers and it’s also far easier to make a typing error. One slip of the finger and suddenly your colleague has completely gotten the wrong idea from your work email! That’s why an external keyboard is a must for any chronic iPad user.

With an external keyboard, you won’t have to worry about overworking your fingers and typos will be kept to a minimum!

We currently stock a great range of iPad keyboards on our website which are featured below:


Griffin Turnfolio with keyboard for iPad Air- Black


With Griffin’s TurnFolio case, not only is your iPad Air protected, but it can also be rotated a full 360 degrees for use in landscape or portrait mode. The cover folds into a stand that’s adjustable to just the right angle for tapping and viewing. Tucked inside this compact, easy-to-carry folio is a full-featured Bluetooth keyboard. Just fold the folio into a stand, lift out the keyboard (it’s held in place by hidden magnets) and enjoy the tactile feel and feedback of a real, responsive keyboard. Just pair it once, and the included micro-USB cable keeps your keyboard’s battery topped off with no drain on your iPad.

Maroo iPad Air Bluetooth Keyboard Case – Black


Made from genuine leather, the Maroo Black Leather Folio delivers on protection and comes with a built-in thin Bluetooth keyboard to extend iPad usability. QWERTY key set with white backlight allows for keyboard use in any setting, and SG Bumper™ Technology fully protects your iPad Air, yet is simple to change out.

ZAGG Folio case + UK keyboard(non-back lit) for iPad mini/2/3- Black


The ZAGG Folio is the thinnest and most diverse Bluetooth keyboard available. It features a unique hinge design that lets you position your screen at virtually any viewing angle and also provides full body protection to help keep your iPad mini free from scratches and dings. A powerful battery keeps it going for up to three months of regular use between charges.

ZAGGkeys Folio with UK keyboard for iPad Air- Black


The Folio features full-body coverage to help protect your iPad wherever you go. With its durable leather textured cover and resilient case, it protects your iPad from scratches, dust, dings and more, and keeps it looking great. Measuring only 7.6mm thin, that’s barely more than a quarter inch, and with full-body protection, the Folio easily slips into a bag or purse so it easily goes everywhere you do. And while it may be thinner than most of its competition, it still provides 30% more typing space.

To find out more about any of the products featured here, visit our website.

Beyond the lense…Introducing the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera


fr1A new year brings with it brand new technology. And, if there’s one gadget that we’re very excited about in 2015, it’s the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera.

Designed exclusively to work with the iPhone 5/5S, the Flir ONE thermal camera allows you to capture images not normally visible to the naked eye, using MSX technology which provides physical details to raw thermal images.

Are you curious to find out the places where you are losing the most heat in your house? Or maybe you’re worried that you have a leak? Pop the Flir One onto your iPhone 5/5s and start snapping away!

It’s lightweight and easy to use with no additional cords, cases, or devices necessary.

It also comes equipped with its own charger, so there’s no need to worry about it draining your iPhone battery.

The Flir ONE thermal imaging camera is in stock now and is available on our website.





Unleash your inner inventor with littleBits



Do you love inventing things? Fancy yourself as the next Thomas Edison but not sure where to begin? With littleBits, you don’t have to be an engineering expert to make cool and fun electronic gadgets. You don’t even have to know the basics. In fact, all you need to get you started is a bit of time and some imagination!

What are littleBits and how do they work?

LittleBits are small, open-sourced modular electronic components that snap together to form larger circuits. The company was founded in 2011 by interactive artist and engineer Ayah Bdeir who wanted to make electronics accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or technical ability.

Each littleBits module is colour coded depending on what category they fall into: power, input, wire, and output. The modular components are also labelled with a single function, and as you snap them together with their magnetic links, you start to create more complex circuits. If you make a mistake, don’t worry. Just unhook the magnets that connect the modules together and start again! LittleBits give you the ability to control everything from sound to actual moving motors and it’s all powered by a power supply or a 9V battery.

little bits blog

LittleBits are sold in kits with prices ranging from £99(€125) for the base kit to £199(€252) for the deluxe kit. There’s also specialised kits available for those interested in music or space, or you can buy most of the parts separately for under £20(€25). The company have also released bundles that allow you to integrate internet applications and Arduino programs with littleBits.

LittleBits are suitable for everyone over the ages of 8, perfect for any young budding engineers!

With over 60 modules available that can be used to create millions of combinations, the possibilities are endless!

LittleBits are in stock now, you can view our range here. Happy shopping!

Devilishly good Halloween inspired gifts…


Everyone’s favourite dress-up holiday Halloween, is fast approaching. So to get you in the spirit, we’ve gathered together a list of spooktacular Halloween-inspired items that are sure to get the spines tingling. From iPhone cases to earphones, we’ve got a wicked product to suit all of your accessory needs.

Gelaskins Protective Vinyl Skin for iPhone 5 – Skull Damask


halloween 1

Yurbuds Explore Pro Earphones with 3 Button Microphone & Control – Orange

halloween 2

PDP Marvel Legendary Armour Case for iPhone 5 – Spiderman

halloween 2

Marware Vibe Case for iPad mini – Purple


halloween 4

DecalGirl Protective Skin for Apple iPhone 5 – Elegy

halloween 5


So what are you waiting for? All devilish items are available now from our website. For more details, click on the relevant images above.

Happy Halloween!

– The SoundzDirect Team