Father’s Day Gift Ideas



Father’s Day is rapidly approaching, and if like many of us you find yourself scratching your head for ideas, then you’ll love our tech-themed gift guide. Featuring a variety of unique products, we’re sure to have something that will get your dad talking! Take a look below!




Is your dad a football fanatic? If so, he’ll love the new club-themed iPhone 6 range from inToro. This Officially Licensed Hard Case protects your device as well as showing support for your favorite football club.

The case design features the home stadium shielded by the club crest while the 3D depth technology looks great from every angle. Available in Chelsea, Arsenal, Man City, Spurs, Liverpool, and Barcelona versions.



HIRISE_APPLWTCH_BLK_O_IMG01_800__82426.1433255897.386.513Perhaps your dad has recently purchased an Apple Watch? If the answer’s ‘yes’, then the HiRise stand is the perfect gift for him! Similar to HiRise for iPhone, HiRise for Apple Watch has been designed with a stable, metal base that lets you interact with the screen on your watch while it’s charging. See alerts, reply to messages or check the time at a glance. The brushed metal stand is elevated and angled just right so you can see your Watch screen while lying in bed or glancing over at a countertop, while a non-slip rubber base keeps HiRise in place.HiRise for Apple Watch is available in black or silver.


perfect-drink-cocktail-scale-2For dads who like to enjoy a few drinks with friends, Perfect Drink is the gift for them! Perfect Drink is an app-controlled smart scale that digitally calculates all of the measurements required to make the perfect cocktail every time. The kit includes a smart scale, a stainless steel shaker and a stand for your tablet or phone, while the free downloadable app comes pre-loaded with 300 thirst-quenching recipes ready for you to try out. Once you’ve tried them all, you can customise existing ones and even                                                                                         add your own. And if you’re planning on                                                                                                   entertaining a bigger crowd, the scale is large                                                                                         enough to accommodate pitchers and punch                                                                                           bowls.




Time for a gadget with a difference. Available in both Android and iPhone versions, the Kenu Stance is a compact and portable tripod that mounts your phone. Take fantastic landscape photos or enjoy hands free videos. The best part? It also doubles as a bottle opener.






If  your dad fancies himself as a bit of a handyman, he’ll definitely appreciate the FLIR ONE. The Flir One is a thermal camera that attaches to your iPhone 5 allowing you to capture raw, thermal images on your iPhone. Check for leaks in your home, monitor your tyre pressure, and even locate lost pets. The possibilities are endless!





Thanks to London-based designers Marshall Bergman, your dad can now protect his laptop and look stylish doing it! Created exclusively for Apple, this luxurious Eris briefcase is padded throughout to protect your MacBook and iPad and is crafted from lightweight, durable, and water-repellent pebble cowhide leather. A bespoke slide-lock with detachable leather key pouch gives this bag an elegant finish while keeping your iPad and MacBook safe and secure. There is also an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap with a padded leather section for versatile carrying and comfort.


All of these products and much more are available now from our website. From everyone at Soundzdirect, Happy Father’s Day!


Become a world class cocktail maker with Perfect Drink



For most of us, heading out for a few drinks with friends is something that we look forward to after a long week at work.

However, the average person will usually have more than one drink, add to that the cost of transport and pretty soon your night of  “fun” can get very expensive very quickly.

Then there’s the noise issue. Pubs and bars can be very loud which isn’t exactly what you want if you were hoping for a peaceful outing.

With this in mind, wouldn’t it be great if you could recreate your favourite drinks at home for your family and friends to enjoy in a quiet and comfortable environment? Well, with the Perfect Drink, you can do just that!

The Perfect Drink is a smart scale that digitally calculates all of the maths required to make flawless cocktails every time!

The kit includes a smart scale, a stainless steel shaker and a stand for your tablet or phone.

perfect drink

It’s widely known that precision and accuracy can make or break a cocktail which is why the Perfect Drink includes a built in timer to ensure that you stir and shake no more or no less than is necessary.

Fretting over how much liquid is the correct amount? The Perfect Drink does all the measuring for you so you don’t have to. Simply pour your substance into the container and the virtual glass will tell you when to stop.

The free downloadable app includes over 300 thirst-quenching recipes, and if you happen to drink through them all, you can always customise existing ones, or just add your own! If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even upload some photos!

The app also has a cabinet feature which stores all of the ingredients that you have on hand, and it tells you exactly what drinks you can make using these ingredients.

No need to panic either if you over pour a certain liquid. The app will recalculate the recipe to make sure that your cocktail is perfectly proportioned and tastes delicious! You can even use the app to select how many servings you want to make from a half serving right up to 9 servings.

And if you’re planning on entertaining a bigger crowd, the scale is large enough to accommodate pitchers and punch bowls!

Perfect Drink is priced at €59.99 and is available now on our website.