Find your phone and your keys with Orbit



You know that feeling when the weekend has ended and you wake up bleary eyed on a Monday morning after snoozing your alarm five times? Tired and slightly irritable, you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed, put on some clothes and get ready to head out the door. But just as you’re about to leave for work/college, panic ensues. You’ve lost your phone AND your keys and you’re already running late.

Well, thanks to the Orbit Bluetooth device, your days of losing your personal valuables are about to become a thing of the past.

Crafted in anodised aluminium, Orbit is a clever little device that attaches to your phone, keys and other personal items.  Orbit works  in conjunction with a free app to make sure that you never misplace your valuables again.

Find your keys with your phone. With a press of a button on the app, it will ring your orbit.

Find your phone with your keys. With a press of a button on your orbit, it will ring your phone.

Take a selfie. The orbit device also functions as a camera remote for your phone.* Works only in camera feature built into the app.

Product Features:

  • Last seen location shown on a map
  • Orbit is splashproof and also features a Separation Alarm
  • Built-in 90db loudspeaker
  • Battery life up to 6 months
  • Free app on Google Play and the App Store

Don’t get caught in a fluster again. Orbit is available now in black, silver and rose gold from our website.

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Back to Basics with Jivo and Olixar


When it comes to choosing the best cover for your laptop or phone, the choices are endless. White, black, silver, gold, floral or polkadot, no matter what colour or style you want, you’re bound to find something that takes your fancy! However, sometimes, all these choices can leave you feeling more confused than ever, which is why we’ve gone back to basics!

Take a look at some of our minimalistic phone and laptop cases that offer the same great protection, but without the fuss! Sometimes simple really is better!


Custom moulded for the iPhone 7/7 Plus, this FlexiShield gel case from Olixar provides excellent protection against damage as well as a slimline fit for added convenience.

Each FlexiShield case is made from a special strong and durable gel material, which makes it flexible like silicone and tougher than a crystal case providing you with long lasting protection for your iPhone 7.

The FlexiShield case is designed to be slim, lightweight and strong – so you can be assured that this case will add virtually no extra bulk to your iPhone 7 so it will still fit in your pocket with ease.

Designed for the Macbook Air and the Macbook Pro Retina, the Jivo Form fitting Frosted Shell keeps scuffs and scratches at bay for daily protection. Its Sleek no-fuss design consists of a lightweight two piece plastic that’s easy to put on and remove. Rubberised feet add stability to prevent your Macbook® from sliding and tilting.

The Jivo Frosted Clear Macbook Shell is available for the Macbook Air(11″,13″), and the Macbook Pro Retina(13″,15″).

All of the products featured here are available in-store now. Visit our website for more information.


Keep Track Of Your Sleep With Beddit!



Having difficulty falling asleep is an issue that most of us will experience at some point in our lives. And as anybody who has suffered from this problem knows, it can have serious consequences on your mood, work performance and overall wellbeing.

Well now it seems that we may have finally found a solution, and its name is Beddit. Beddit lets you track your sleep, breathing and heart rate easily and conveniently without hassle. The great thing about Beddit is that it’s super easy to install: Simply place the Beddit sensor under your sheet and go to sleep. It’s sensor is as thin as two sheets of paper so you’ll hardly even feel that it’s there and in the morning the Beddit mobile app will tell you how well you’ve slept!

Make sleepless nights a thing of the past with Beddit, available now in our online store!


Turn Back Time: 5 Of Our Favourite Flip Phones



While the evolution of smartphones and touchscreens marked the start of something new, it also signaled the end of something else: flip-phones. Gone were the days when you could terminate a call by slamming your phone shut whenever you became exasperated by the person on the other end. Though some were sad for a while, just like any new technology, people learned to adapt. And so, very quickly, flip phones became a thing of the past.

Fast forward to 2015 and it looks like they could be about to make a comeback. Asian telecommunications company LG, has just announced plans to release a new flip-phone model entitled the Gentle, which will run on the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop software.

In honour of this news, we’ve taken a trip down memory lane to revisit 5 of our favourite flip-phones:

Motorola V550

motorola v550

This sturdy little flip-phone came packed with a camera, mp3 player, downloadable screensavers and more! We loved the clamshell design and vibrant blue finish, and the battery lasted way longer than our iPhone!. Sigh.

Nokia 7373nokia 7373

The 7373 from Nokia wasn’t so much a phone as it was a fashion statement. Seriously, what girl could resist that gorgeous pink and cream floral design? Aesthetics aside, the phone also came with a camera, a built in stereo radio, 8mb of internal memory, and an SD card with an additional 2mb of storage.

Sony Ericsson W300i


Before Androids and iPhones, Sony Ericsson was viewed by many as the go-to phone manufacturer. Known for their high quality music players and impressive battery life, any self-respecting “cool kid” owned a Sony Ericsson phone.The company’s popular W300i flip-phone featured bluetooth, a phone book that could store up to 1,000 contacts, as well as a camera, and best of all, an mp3 player that could read songs in MP3 and MP4 formats.

Motorola  V3 Razr

motorola razr v3

While this flip phone came in a variety of colours, the hot pink version was another favourite among girls. When it was initially released in 2004, this slick and stylish model had been exclusively marketed as a fashion phone. However, within a year, the price was lowered and by July 2006, the phone had sold over 50 million units. To this day, the Motorola V3 remains the best selling clamshell phone, selling more than 130 million units during its four year run.

LG VX8100


This sleek little phone from LG had bluetooth, a megapixel camera, loud stereo speakers, and an mp3 player. While it may not have been the best selling flip phone of all time, we loved its bold turquoise colour and the fact that the volume controls were on the front!

What was your favourite flip-phone? Let us know in the comments below!.

Introducing the Kenu Stance…



Say hello to the Kenu Stance! This miniature tripod mounts to your phone’s charging port allowing you to make video calls, watch your favourite movies, and capture amazing photos easily and conveniently.

The special patent-pending ball-and-socket joint lets your phone tilt and rotate freely, allowing you to position it at the perfect angle.

Weighing just 34g, it’s smaller than a packet of gum, perfect for slipping in your pocket when you’re on the go.

The best part? It also doubles as a bottle opener.

Available for iPhone and Android, get yours here.



Improve your mobile video experience with our new iStabilizer range!


Do your smartphone videos suffer from perpetual shakiness and blurred shots? Do you wish you could capture smoother shots? If so, we have the solution! Our new iStabilizer products can help you capture the important moments with superb clarity, so you never have to view a shaky video again! Have a look at the new range: iStabilizer Dolly

Capture cinematic footage with the iStabilizer

Capture cinematic footage with the iStabilizer Dolly

The iStabilizer Dolly allows you to capture smooth panning shots with your iPhone or GoPro on any flat surface. Once limited to professionals, now anyone can produce high-quality running shots with their mobile device without breaking the bank. An included iStabilizer mount secures your iPhone in place while in use.   If you have a larger smartphone or a tablet device and wish to mount it onto the Dolly or any other tripod, we have the answer for you! iStabilizer Mount XL iSTBLZR-MNTXL-O_IMG01_1000 If you have a wide smartphone, such as a Galaxy Note, then this mount is for you! The larger mount means that your phone will fit perfectly, no matter what the size! You can see more information and purchase this product here. iStabilizer Monopod

Capture versatile photo and video with the iStabilizer Monopod!

Capture versatile photo and video with the iStabilizer Monopod!

Whether you want to take panoramic videos of your surroundings or just want to take cooler selfies, this extendable monopod is for you! It mounts virtually any smartphone or digital camera, giving you both compatability and practicality. You can purchase this amazing product here. iStabilizer tabFlex

The iStabilizer Tabflex easily attaches to almost any surface

The iStabilizer Tabflex easily attaches to almost any surface!

This universal tripod connects your tablet to a huge number of objects with ease – including poles, branches and desks. This brilliant product is perfect for those interested in tablet photography and videography, and consummately affixes your tablet to almost anything. The Tabflex is compatible with virtually any tablet. You can find more information and purchase this item here.   For all of these products and many more, please visit us at Soundzdirect!