5 of the Best Bargains this Black Friday!


black friday

To celebrate Black Friday, we’re offering  our customers 10% off EVERYTHING on our website between Friday 27th November-Monday 30th November.

That’s 10% off our speakers, headphones, tripods, phone cases and much more…

There’s loads to choose from but we’ve narrowed it down to 5 of the best bargains this Black Friday!

KEF MUO Bluetooth speaker

kef muo black friday

Designed by Ross Lovegrove and engineered by KEF, MUO is packed with innovative technologies to deliver uncompromised KEF quality sound when you’re streaming music wirelessly from a computer or mobile device.  Described by What Hi-Fi as  the “best portable speaker over £200”, it  certainly packs a punch out of all proportion to its size.

Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera for iPhone 5/5s

flir thermal camera black friday

Specifically designed for the iPhone 5/5s, the Flir One Thermal Imaging Camera uses special MSX technology to provide raw details to thermal images. See things not normally visible to the naked eye, discover leaks in your home, locate lost pets, monitor your tyre pressure and much, much more…

Joby GorillaPod SLR Zoom Tripod & Ball Head Bundle for DSLR – Black / Grey

joby slr zoom black friday

Easily achieve pro-grade shots for beautifully polished video with your DSLR, phone or GoPro. Create sliding shots that pull objects into focus, rolling shots that glide over top of objects, or 360° rotating shots—all without expensive, heavy equipment or a big crew. Flexible legs means that the SLR Zoom can wrap itself around furniture, poles and trees for optimum positioning when capturing images.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Composite Case – Slate Black

urban armor gear black friday

Designed for the iPhone 6, UAG’s patented Composite design combines a hard outer shell with a soft impact resistant core. The unique shape of the case also provides structural rigidity for your phone. The case also features a crystal clear HD screen guard, soft rubberized screen surround and rear skid pads which provide 360 degree protection from scrapes and scratches.

KEF M500 Hi-Fi Headphones

kef m500 black friday

Both lightweight and extremely comfortable, KEF’s M500 Hi-Fi headphones are designed for people who are serious about sound. Sweet, natural and beautifully balanced, KEF’s 40mm neodymium driver is tuned to deliver full range high definition response from 20Hz to 20kHz. Thanks to KEF’s unique multi-directional Smart Hinge, you can wear the M500s for long periods of time without experiencing any discomfort. The headphones’ lightweight aluminium frame automatically conforms to the shape of your head, sitting neither too tight nor too loose, and folds up neatly afterwards. The  KEF M500 are compatible with most smartphones and computers, and they also come with a matching case for added protection.

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5 Must-Have Bank Holiday Essentials


There’s something about a Bank Holiday that always puts us in a good mood. Maybe that extra morning lie-in has something to do with it? Whatever it is, we want this one to be equally as enjoyable so we’ve put together a list of all the essentials needed to make your weekend unforgettable!

Cocoon Grid It! Medium Organiser


Heading abroad or down the country? Cocoon’s Grid It! Organiser is the perfect travel companion that keeps your most important personal belongings in one place. Consisting of a unique weave of rubberised elastic bands designed specifically to store your digital devices and personal items in place, Grid It! is ideal for holding headphones, chargers, cameras, cords, and other personal objects.

KEF M500 Hi-Fi Headphones 


Whether you plan on spending the Bank Holiday weekend travelling or relaxing at home, a good pair of headphones is necessary for enjoying your music alone or on the go. These M500 Hi-Fi headphones from KEF are lightweight and comfortable and have been carefully designed for individuals who are serious about sound. Compatible with most smartphones and computers, they also come with a matching case for added protection.

Joby GripTight Mount PRO



Featuring an updated durable design, the Joby Griptight Mount PRO is the perfect companion for your smartphone when you’re out and about. This premium clamping mount fits any smartphone with or without a case, and offers a robust, locking and rotating solution , allowing for  a more optimal set-up of photos and videos.


Osmo Starter Kit for iPad


Keeping the children entertained on weekends is hard enough, never mind bank holidays and mid-terms! With Osmo for iPad, you don’t have to worry. Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays. Simply attach the included reflector and stand to your iPad, and watch your child’s imagination come to life! Osmo works with all iPads, including the iPad Mini and iPad 2.

Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom Tripod with Ballhead


An extra day off work means an extra day to head outside and take incredible photos and create new memories. For budding photographers, the Joby Gorillapod SLR Zoom Tripod is a must have. Easily achieve pro-grade shots for beautifully polished video with your DSLR, phone or GoPro. Create sliding shots that pull objects into focus, rolling shots that glide over top of objects, or 360° rotating shots—all without expensive, heavy equipment or a big camera crew. The tripod’s flexible legs means that it can easily wrap itself around trees and poles allowing you to get even more creative. The tripod is also lightweight and portable which means that you can take it with you wherever you go!

Want to find out more? All of the products featured above are available now on our website.

5 tech-savvy Xmas gifts for your…father


Christmas shopping for your dad can sometimes seem like a daunting task. After all, dads can be fussy individuals. While it may be tempting to cut your losses and buy them a gift voucher, you’ll feel better if you actually take the time to put some thought into their present.

Then there’s the sock issue. Sure, socks are a great gift. They’re safe and reliable. Not to mention useful. But come on, how many pairs of feet does your dad have?

Don’t despair! The truth is there are very few dads nowadays who don’t own at least one electronic device though they may try to convince you otherwise. With this in mind, we’ve come up with a list of 5 great tech-savvy Xmas gifts, perfect for even the pickiest of dads.

Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6 Composite Case- Scout Black

dad gift 1


Has your dad just bought a new iPhone 6? Well then, the last thing he’d want would be for it to get damaged, or worse, bent. With this composite case from Urban Armor, that certainly won’t happen. This case has a hard outer shell to protect against scratches and a soft inner core to ensure a snug fit for your phone. It also comes with a free HD screen guard for even more added protection.



Kenu Airframe +  Portable Car Vent Mount for large smartphones

dad gift 2



This small, portable device attaches to the vent in your car allowing you to dial and receive hands free phone calls in a safe and secure way. The new design has been recently expanded to accommodate smartphones of up to six inches, perfect for dads on the go!




Jivo Bear Grylls Extreme Tech Messenger Bag 

dad gift 3


Designed by Jivo in collaboration with extreme adventurer Bear Grylls, this water proof, shock resistant backpack can accommodate Macbooks of up to 15 inches. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, as well as a padded pocket for extra protection. It’s the ideal place for your dad to store his Ipad, MacBook or tablet.




Klipsch Reference R6i In Ear Monitors with Apple Controls and Mic

dad gift 4


Is your dad a music fanatic? If so, then he will love these Black Reference R6i headphones from Kilspch. Made from a combination of constructed aluminum and elastomer, this sleek design is lightweight, durable and comfortable. Klipsch have also used the same advanced acoustic engineering and industrial design from their legendary Reference home theatre speakers to provide high premium performance, voice and design for the Klipsch Reference R6i monitors.



iHome iDL45 Desktop Clock Radio

dad gift 5


Does your dad struggle to get up for work in the morning? If the answer is yes then the iDL45 desktop clock radio from iHome would be a great gift for him. The iDL45 is a dual alarm clock radio for iPad, iPhone and iPod that allows you to listen to your favourite music while simultaneously charging your iPad, iPhone or iPod. You can also choose whether you want to wake up to the radio, or your very own custom playlist.


All of these fantastic gifts and lots more are available on our website now. Give your dad a treat this Christmas!



Devilishly good Halloween inspired gifts…


Everyone’s favourite dress-up holiday Halloween, is fast approaching. So to get you in the spirit, we’ve gathered together a list of spooktacular Halloween-inspired items that are sure to get the spines tingling. From iPhone cases to earphones, we’ve got a wicked product to suit all of your accessory needs.

Gelaskins Protective Vinyl Skin for iPhone 5 – Skull Damask


halloween 1

Yurbuds Explore Pro Earphones with 3 Button Microphone & Control – Orange

halloween 2

PDP Marvel Legendary Armour Case for iPhone 5 – Spiderman

halloween 2

Marware Vibe Case for iPad mini – Purple


halloween 4

DecalGirl Protective Skin for Apple iPhone 5 – Elegy

halloween 5


So what are you waiting for? All devilish items are available now from our website. For more details, click on the relevant images above.

Happy Halloween!

– The SoundzDirect Team

New Range of Sport Headphones and Armbands for Women!


Well the days are finally getting longer and we know that many women out there are busy training for the upcoming Women’s Mini Marathon. Even if you’re not and you’re more of a gym bunny, music is a great way to keep you motivated and pumped up during your workout.

So with you in mind, we have added a beautiful range of Yurbuds Sport Headphones that are made specifically for women. Designed to fit smaller ears, the FlexSoft and TwistLock technologies guarantee they will never hurt or fall out.

There is a beautiful range of colours and you can also choose from the Inspire, Inspire Talk, Inspire Pro and the Focus designs.


Yurbuds Inspire are the simpler and more economical style of earphones if you like a no-fuss product.


Yurbuds Inspire for Women Sport Earphones – Aqua

Inspire Talk for Women features a 1-button dry mic for call & track control and is compatible with Android & Apple OS.


Yurbuds Inspire Talk for Women Sport Earphones with Microphone – Purple

The Inspire Pro features a 3-button mic with pause/play track control, answer/hang-up phone control and volume control on Apple devices.


Yurbuds Inspire Pro for Women Sport Earphones with 3 Button Microphone – Pink

Yurbuds Focus is a behind-the-ear design earphone  featuring the Yurbuds TwistLock into place for a secure fit that never falls out, even under the most intense workout conditions. Sweat and water resistant and developed for training in any conditions, these are perfect for joggers!


Yurbuds Focus for Women Sport Behind the Ear Earphones – Aqua

It’s also a great idea to have an armband to hold your smartphone or iPod securely in place while you exercise. That’s why we also have Yurbuds armbands in stock. These armbands protect your phone or iPod from the elements, but still allows you to access controls through the touch screen cover. The ultra-soft neoprene material wicks away sweat & moisture, while providing a secure and comfortable fit for most arm sizes. We stock armbands from Yurbuds to fit the iPhone 5 and 5S and also the iPod Nano 7. They come in three attractive colours – aqua, pink and purple.


Yurbuds iPod Nano 7 Sport Armband for Women – Pink

So check out our full listings for this premium quality brand on our website and maybe treat yourself to something new to keep you exercising and having fun all year round!


Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Headphones:



1. Do I prefer in-ear or over-ear headphones?

This is really a case of what feels most comfortable for you. In addition to choosing between these two, you can also choose HOW they fit into the ear. For example, you can get a basic cable with an earbud on it, or you can choose an earpiece that hooks over the back of the ear. Over-ear headphones come in various sizes- some barely cover the ear itself, whilst others are as big and cosy as a pair of ear muffs!


2. Do I need them to be portable?

If you will be wearing them on your daily commute or at the gym, while jogging in the park or waiting around to catch a flight, then the answer is most definitely yes! Choose lightweight headphones with a robust carrying case. You can find folding headphones for extra convenience, which is great if you like over-ear headphones but need them to be small enough to carry around. If however, you want to keep them by your bed-side to lull yourself to sleep with your favourite music, or to have them in the living room next to your hi-fi system, then the answer is probably no, which gives you the option of choosing heavier or bulkier headphones if you wish.


3. What conditions will I be using them in?

If you will be wearing the headphones outdoors in all weather, while camping or at the beach, you need to choose headphones that can best withstand these conditions. Some headphones will have thicker or tangle-proof cords, larger buttons, waterproof features etc. to help you overcome various issues.


4. What devices will they need to be compatible with?

You can get headphones with a mic and controls compatible with your android or Apple devices. If you have different devices at your disposal, think about which ones you want your headphones to be fully compatible with. So this will most likely be whichever device you use the most, be it your iPad, Android smartphone or whatever.



5. Which is more important to me – design or sound quality?

It’s difficult, but certainly not impossible to find it all in one perfect product – exceptional sound quality together with a flawless and beautiful design. Besides, people have different tastes when it comes to how headphones look and nobody wants to use a product that they think is ugly, do they? So do your homework by reading reviews that inform you about both aspects. Do the headphones last well? What is the sound like? Are they the ultimate fashion accessory? Then make your buying decision based on what matters most to you.



Klipsch X11i in Stock Now!


Now in stock! We’re delighted to announce that we now have the Klipsch X11i in stock.

As one of the world’s smallest and lightest headphones, the luxurious Klipsch X11i is the best choice of premium in-ear headphone that you can find.

Each packet includes a pair of superior audiophile headphones with tangle-free cords, a three-button remote for control over music and calls, and patented oval ear tips in multiples sizes to ensure maximum noise isolation and comfort. In addition to the extra ear tips, other accessories include a leather carry case, airline adapter, 3.5mm-6.3mm adapter and a clothing clip. Everything you need to enjoy these premium headphones on the go. Enjoy!