Back To School Gadgets…



Summer has finally come to an end which means another school term is about to begin! No school year is complete without some shiny new accessories by your side, so we’ve made a list of the gadgets you need to guarantee that you’ll be the envy of all your classmates! 


Are you someone who is constantly losing their pens, calculator and other stationery? Grid It! by Cocoon may be the answer to your problems. GRID-IT!® consists of a unique weave of rubberized elastic straps that are designed to hold your most valuable personal belongings in place. There’s even a pocket on the back which fits most 9-11 inch tablets. Free up space in your bag with this handy organiser!

If all of your assignments and other projects are done on the computer, then it may be time to invest in a flashdrive. This one from Toshiba is compatible with Mac and Windows Operating systems, and will store up to 16gb of files. Transferring your photos and documents has never been easier so there’s no excuse for not having your work done!


Use an iPad Mini for your studies? Why not customise it with this eclectic vinyl sticker from Gelaskins? GelaSkins removable covers are backed by adhesive technology from 3M, which allows bubble-free application and when you fancy a change, don’t worry, GelaSkins remove cleanly, leaving no trace of residue on your device. Ditch the plain, boring tablet covers and let your personality shine through with a graphic print cover from Gelaskins!


If you own an iPhone, Macbook or any other Apple device then this lightening connector cable from iWires is for you. Sync or charge your iPhone or tablet using your laptop or connect the iWires cable to a wall or car adapter. Our advice? Pop the cable in your bag and use it as a spare. You never know just when you might need it!

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Devilishly good Halloween inspired gifts…


Everyone’s favourite dress-up holiday Halloween, is fast approaching. So to get you in the spirit, we’ve gathered together a list of spooktacular Halloween-inspired items that are sure to get the spines tingling. From iPhone cases to earphones, we’ve got a wicked product to suit all of your accessory needs.

Gelaskins Protective Vinyl Skin for iPhone 5 – Skull Damask


halloween 1

Yurbuds Explore Pro Earphones with 3 Button Microphone & Control – Orange

halloween 2

PDP Marvel Legendary Armour Case for iPhone 5 – Spiderman

halloween 2

Marware Vibe Case for iPad mini – Purple


halloween 4

DecalGirl Protective Skin for Apple iPhone 5 – Elegy

halloween 5


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Happy Halloween!

– The SoundzDirect Team

Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Buy a Smartphone Case


1. What is my main occupation?

This will greatly influence what type of smartphone case or cover you choose. For instance, if you are in the building trade, you need something with excellent drop protection, but it also needs to be readily accessible as you probably answer a lot of calls while working! Urban Armor Gear is probably the kind of case you should go for.


Or you may want to consider a lanyard case, like this SwitchEasy one:


If you’re an art student, you’ll probably want something quite funky that expresses your personality, like this Hardcase from Gelaskins:


2. Am I outdoorsy?

If you’re into hiking, camping, outdoor jogging, the territorial army or similar outdoor pursuits, then you’d need to seriously consider a weather-proof or water-proof option. Luckily, LifeProof has you covered with its range of waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof cases. And even better, they deliver all this protection in an unbelievably thin, light case!


3. Where will I typically store my phone?

If the answer is ‘In a handbag along with my keys and general clutter’ then you may want to think about a full-coverage flip-style case that allows you ultimate protection from scratches whilst being carried around. Flip-style cases like this leather one from Decoded are great for superior protection without compromising functionality.


If you carry it in your pocket, you’ll want a slimline case, such as something from the SwitchEasy Nude range:


4. Do I have small children?

If you do, chances are that they will get their mitts on your phone on a regular basis, so do make sure it wipes clean! Any smooth plastic case should do the job.

5. Will I use my smartphone at the gym?

If so, you should either choose something that comes easily out of its case for transfer into an armband, or buy an all-in-one product that converts to an armband when needed, like the SportShell Convertible from Marblue. Clever, eh?


We hope these tips have provided you with some food for thought. Basically, your lifestyle and personality will dictate the right smartphone case for you. Choose wisely and get the most out of it!

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