Are you addicted to Facebook?


If you check your Facebook account at least 14 times a day, you might be surprised to learn that you’re actually below the average.

A new survey shows that 79 per cent of smartphone users check their Facebook profile within 15 minutes of waking up, while 62 per cent don’t even wait 15 minutes and grab their phone to check the site, first thing in the morning!

It just goes to show how smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives.

With Facebook proving to be the third most popular app on smartphones and other devices, peak times for users to check the social networking site is during the evening, just before bed.

Almost half of Facebook users check on status updates while out and about with the gym being one of the most popular places to surf the site.

And, it would seem that half of us use Facebook as a source of information and browse news feeds.


Feeling a little blue? Facebook has the answer!


Feeling a little down in the dumps after the long bank holiday weekend and could do with a quick pick me up?

Turning to Facebook could be the answer to getting rid of the blues!

New research has found that perusing through snaps of yourself, family and friends on the social networking site can boost your mood.

Researchers also say that doing so can be as soothing as strolling through the park.

Looking back over positive photos and wall posts when you’re upset, triggers the memory of happier times.

Of the 144 Facebookers quizzed as part of this study – 90 per cent said they often use the site to reminisce, using old content on their profiles as a form of comfort when feeling down in the dumps.

Scientists behind the study say the networking site can be beneficial to our mood in that it can be used as a ‘self-soothing’ tool.

Dubbed as a form of reminiscent therapy – this study paves the way for Facebook to become an effective way to tackle depression, anxiety and mental health issues.