Must Have Gadgets for Easter…


As Easter rapidly approaches, we’ve picked the perfect gadgets guaranteed to make your time off as enjoyable as possible!

You never know when a video or photo opportunity will present itself which is why it’s better to be prepared! Designed specifically for smartphones, the Joby Griptight Gorillapod Video is a flexible, compact tripod featuring wraparound joints hat allow you to capture footage from a variety of angles. Pop it in your bag so you’ll always be ready for the unexpected!

If you’re planning on staying in over the Easter Break, then the Olixir Hexstyli is the gadget for you! It may look like a pen, but it also functions as a ruler, a stylus, a spirit level and a screwdriver, making it the ideal companion for your jean pocket!

There’s nothing worse than coming home after a night out and realising that you’ve lost your wallet. This Easter, you won’t have to worry thanks to Urban Armor Gear’s Trooper Card Case. As well as protecting your iPhone, this rugged, durable case also allows you to store up to 4 credit cards!

If you’re heading away for the Easter break, then you’ll want to pack a Grid It! in your suitcase. Grid It! is a patent pending organisation system that provides convenient and versatile storage for your portable possessions. Consisting of a unique weave of rubberised elastic bands designed to hold your personal items in place, Grid It! is ideal for holding headphones, chargers, cameras, cords, and other personal objects.

All of the gadgets featured here are available now on our website. Happy Easter!



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