15 things you can do with a FLIR ONE thermal camera…



Whether you plan on using it for work or play, the FLIR ONE thermal camera is one gadget that provides endless possibilities.  Using special MSX technology, the FLIR ONE allows you to see things not normally visible to the naked eye. Just snap it onto your iPhone and watch the world come alive in your hands.

Here’s 15 things that you can do with the FLIR ONE:

1. Find any potential leaks or blockages within your home

2. Discover which parts of your home are the warmest and which parts are the coldest

3. Determine which appliances in your home are using the most energy

4. Locate any leakages in your car radiator

5. Check up on your car’s coolant and exhaust systems

6. Monitor your tire pressure

7.  Find insects and rodents living within your walls or attic

8. Detect intruders in your home or back garden

9. Monitor exercise and physical activity

10. Check the temperature of baby food and formula

11. Create artistic and unique thermal photographs

12. Revolutionise hide and seek by using your FLIR ONE to locate friends in the dark

13. Find lost/hiding pets in the dark

14. Observe wild animals at night time

15. Locate “hot spots” on the skin

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a sample of the many things that you can do with the Flir ONE. So what are you waiting for, get exploring!

The Flir ONE is priced at €279.99 and is available on our website.


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