We Think You’ll Like Joby’s New GorillaCam App



Greetings Everyone!

We’ve just been checking out the new GorillaCam App from Joby. This handy little camera app helps you make the most of your camera. GorillaCam is the easiest stop motion video app out there. Simply set your Capture Time and Playback Time, then press the shutter to capture each frame of your animation. When you’re finished, GorillaCam will stitch the photos into a timelapse video. Pretty cool eh?

Make the most of your iPhone camera, by using the GorillaCam self-timer and rapid-fire burst modes. Also featuring anti-shake for crisp shots and ‘tap anywhere’ for easy shooting.

Available in free and paid versions, this app helps you to take perfectly level shots each time with its bubble level and grid overlay features. With all of these and more, you’ll be like a professional photographer or videographer in no time! Check it out at the App Store and see our range of Joby products to go with the app too.



Joby Griptight for iPhone



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