Smartphones outsell feature phones for first time ever

Smartphones are now selling better than basic phones

Smartphones are now selling better than basic phones

For the first time ever, smartphones have overtaken traditional ‘feature’ phones at the summit of the mobile phone market. In the second quarter of this year 435 million mobile phones were sold worldwide, with smartphones accounting for 225 million of that total, or 51.8%. These figures have steadily grown in the last 12 months, particularly in Eastern Europe, Latin American and Asia, where a plethora of affordable handsets have become available.

These statistics bode well for South Korean tech giant Samsung, which owns 32% of the smartphone market. Apple’s share has fallen from 19% to 14%, despite the fact that they have sold more handsets. Of course, that market share may grow in developing countries if reports of a cheaper iPhone come to fruition. Elsewhere, Nokia has maintained the second place in the global phone market, while Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 has become the third most popular mobile operating system, mainly due to Nokia’s Lumia line, and has overtaken the struggling Blackberry.

Have all of you jumped trains to the smartphone side, or do any of you still stick by your trusted feature phone? Leave us a comment, and visit us at Soundzdirect for all the accessories you could ever need for your smartphones and other devices!

-The Soundzdirect Team


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