New way to charge your phone is just around the U-bend!



We’re not taking the…p!ss when we tell you that you may very well be able to give your mobile phone battery a quick boost with your own urine.

A group of British scientists have developed a way of using urine as a power source to generate electricity and they claim to have created a first – microbial fuel cells which power a mobile phone.

MFCs are energy converters that turn organic matter directly into electricity by utilising the metabolism of live micro-organisms.

While it might sound like a messy way to charge your phone and cause some of us to retch, the researchers say that this eco-friendly breakthrough is the ‘ultimate waste product’.

At the moment, they are currently only able to store and accumulate low levels of energy for short charge and discharge cycles.

However they believe that their work has the potential to be installed into the bathrooms of home the world over in the future to harness urine and produce enough electricity to power showers and lighting…

From the Soundzdirect Team!


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