Uk hotel chain unveils app controlled budget rooms.


Hub by Premier Inn

Ever heard of a hotel room that you can completely control by a smartphone app? Sounds almost like fiction but it is in fact, a reality.

In the UK, the first budget hotel rooms where the guests experience and control their stay via their mobile is coming soon – and bound to be a game changer in the hotel industry.

The Premier Inn chain is gearing up to launch a compact city version of its hotels, with rooms just 11 square metres in size and controlled by an online app.

Known as “hubs”, they will initially take off in London from summer 2014 and then Edinburgh. They look a bit like the sleeping quarters on the Enterprise Star Ship!

Have a look at the video showing how it works,  HERE!

The company says the new rooms will offer “good value for money and appeal to customers after value, location and design”.

The cost of a night in one of these budget rooms will set you back around 30% less than what you’d pay normally – happy days!

Fully kitted with a desk that folds into a pocket-sprung bed, an en suite bathroom with power shower, free wifi and a 40-inch smart screen TV…sure where would you be goin’?

Guests will also be able to book and check-in online, as well as pre-select room temperature, light settings as well as order food and drinks…yum!

Another very cool feature of the mini-rooms is, the TV – you guessed it…is also controlled by the app BUT, guests can stream content from their phone or tablet direct to their TV.

So, if you’re planning a trip to London or Edinburgh next year…how could you not be curious!?

From the Soundzdirect Team!


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