Here’s something we would all love to have in our homes – WiSee!



Imagine this; the bulb has blown in the lamp on your bedside locker and you’ve been meaning to change it for weeks but you just couldn’t be bothered. You’ve just jumped into bed and you’ve forgotten to turn off the main light. The switch is all way over at the far side of the bedroom and now you have to get out of your cosy warm bed to turn it off. You are ragin’! This is point when you wish you could just wave or clap your hands and it will flick off.

Well now we’re one step closer to the day when we will be able to do just that AND control the whole house while we’re at it.

Researchers at the University of Washington are working away on developing a device that interprets your hand gestures, which tell it to perform certain commands around the home like pausing music and movies, or turning off the TV or lights.

In a sense, the idea is quiet similar to the one behind the Xbox Kinect but this work-in-progress device doesn’t need you to be close for it  to work as Wi-Fi signals can travel through walls. I didn’t know that, until now.

The new device is called WiSee and it basically monitors the wavelength of the Wi-Fi waves in an environment. Movement such as waving your hand can cause unique and measurable changes in Wi-Fi signal, allowing this new software to interpret them as commands.

At the moment, the device and it’s software can already distinguish between nine different gestures and with an average of 94% accuracy, that’s according to it’s developers. Even with several people in the room, it’s hard to confuse this device – pretty impressive!

It’s not yet known, if WiSee will ever hit the market, but it’s hoped this technology will make it to the Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking next September.

Are we turning into the ultimate ‘lazy generation’?


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