More great new products in stock!


We’ve got some exciting new products in stock from big brand names – Klipsch and Puma.Puma-Logo-FontKlipsch_Logo

Now available to buy from our website – very stylish iPhone 5 Cases by Puma.

Introducing the Engineer Collection and the hardshell Monoline collection.

Bring your BFF everywhere with PUMA’s Engineer Collection of iPhone 5 cases. It’s a super-sleek and stylish hardshell protective shield with a soft fabric inlay.

This case is not only sturdy and style conscience, it also offers easy clips on installation.


Then there’s the PUMA hardshell Monoline collection of iPhone 5 cases.

These are designed to take care of your phone no matter where you take it. It’s a snap-on translucent case that gives you good-looking and durable protection.

This sturdy and stylish case with its raised monoline logo, also boasts a soft fabric inlay for that extra bit of protection, as well as easy clip-on installation.


And from Klipsch, the ultimate work out headphones – the Image A5i’s…

Add a soundtrack to your soul with the A5i Sport headphones.


A lightweight, flex wire design keeps Klipsch’s comfort-fit oval ear tips secured, so you can keep pace and stay connected with the performance.

Music and voice control stays in one place with a unique, slim 3-button remote featuring clothing clip and directional mic for hands-free phone calls on your favorite Apple devices.


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